Friday, 30 January 2015

Weatherproof Your Garden

It’s been a typically British winter so far – by which we mean unpredictable. Mild one minute followed by freezing conditions the next, it’s no wonder if your garden’s looking a bit shell-shocked. The idea of weatherproofing your garden might sound really difficult, but it’s just a case of using the right types of plants to last all seasons. The folks at Wonderlawn, who produce state-of-the-art artificial grass have designed this handy infographic which gives you 5 top tips for which plants will last throughout our changeable weather.


  1. I am actually based in Ireland however our weather is the same as yours. In fact as I am typing this there is a very light falling of snow outside.

    My two vegetable plots are empty and as I usually start planting in March I would like to ask you this question:

    How can I best prepare my plots for sowing after this much frost and snow and should I wait until, say, April, to start sowing?


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  3. so your gardening advice is to put artificial grass in? have you lost your mind?

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